• Be involved in the manufacturing, marketing or distributing of primary or secondary forest products;

• Have an experience modification factor of 1.3 or less;

•Must be covered by workers' comp for last five years with a minimum premium of $15,000 and acceptable lost history.

•Exceptions to these criteria can be made on the basis of sound underwriting reasons. All exceptions must be approved by the excess insurance carrier.

•If you are a primary of secondary manufacturer of forest products, or are involved in the distribution or marketing of forest products, you may be eligible for coverage in the TFA Selective Workers’ Compensation Group.

To find out more about the unique opportunities available in this specialized program, contact your independent insurance agent, or the Tennessee Forestry Association at 615-883-3832 ask for Mike Whitley, or you can e-mail us at mwhitley@tnforestry.com or use our contact form.