County Forestry Association

County Forestry Associations have their own identity and individuality while working closely with TFA at the state level. CFA's serve as a great tool within your local community to promote and educate landowners, teachers, media and the general public in the use of Best Management Practices (BMP's) and sustainable forestry and a wide array of topic sessions, such as legislative information, "critter control, wildlife management and water quality.

CFA's tailor their meetings according to the local area and what landowners are most interested in. If you are interested in joining a local chapter, see below for an UT Extension Agent in your area.

If there is not a local chapter in your area, and would like to see one started, please contact the TFA office for more information.

Phone: 615-883-3832 E-Mail:

For Extension Agent in you area please click here

To find out more information on CFAs, check with the UT Extension Offices in the following counties:

Please click here for the list of UT Extension Offices 


Hardin County Forestry Association, When my son-in-law Billy Penick retired with twenty years in the military, he and our daughter Jennifer joined hands with us on our farm in Hardin County. Billy was especially enthused with the forestry projects we were pursuing. He asked how we had learned what we know so far about trees and forests.....
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